Matt Cunningham

Board President

Matt spent 9 years in the Army in light and mechanized infantry units including time with the 2ndRanger Battalion and Infantry Company Commander during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the following year of counter insurgency operations.

Following his time in the Army, Matt took his operations experience into the healthcare industry where he spent 14 years helping scale a services company from a $20 Million company to a $4.5 Billion healthcare services company.  He served in various operations roles including head of call center operations, head of product operations, Chief Information Officer, led integration efforts for mergers and acquisitions and lastly as led the innovation department focused on healthcare data integration and artificial intelligence.

Matt is currently focused on grass roots community business development and helping scale early stage healthcare technology companies.

Matt is passionate about helping veterans thrive in post military life with a focus on programs that meaningfully impact the lives of individual service members and their families.  He volunteered with Vantage Point after personal research on programs currently offered to service members nationally and believes the approach is unlike any other program offered today.

B.S. Civil Engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point

United States Army 1996 – 2005