Dr. Maia Gill

Clinical Psychologist; Intervention Development and Training Lead

Dr. Gill specializes in program design and wellbeing intervention development for nonprofits delivering health services for veterans. She is the founder of Navi Institute LLC, a social impact business that aids community-based programs to enhance participants’ sense of belonging in society and within the environment through innovative programming. As a licensed Clinical Psychologist for 10+ years, she has focused on roles in the field of implementation and dissemination science, whether as a provider delivering Evidence Based Psychotherapies (EBP’s) with veterans, National CBT-D training consultant, or an LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator within the Department of Veterans Affairs. She is the developer of ADAPT, a therapy that takes a culture first approach to applying wellbeing skills for a multicultural population, with a theoretical framework based on applied evolutionary science. Her research interests include working with community-academic collaborators to examine the psychosocial benefits of experiential therapies for culturally diverse populations. Dr. Maia Gill received her undergraduate degree from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University, California.