Kelly Wells

Development Committee Chair

Kelly Wells, MPA, is a Senior Researcher providing training and consultation to Federally-funded grantees in both the school and community settings in promoting mental health and preventing youth violence to create a better quality of life for children, youth, and families across the U.S. She has worked with child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and mental health systems developing, implementing, integrating, and sustaining evidence-based programs and practices to meet the needs of all community members, especially the disadvantaged.

In her career, she has developed numerous community collaborations that focused on truancy reduction, gang prevention and intervention, mental health awareness and promotion, and juvenile justice reform. Kelly has over 25 years of experience in grant writing, grant management, program evaluation, fundraising, social marketing, and developing mission-focused community partnerships.

Kelly has volunteered with the Vantage Point Foundation, working closely with the Executive Director, for over a year assisting with program development. She resides in Mount Pleasant with her son, Evan.