Will (Beaufort, SC) “The Vantage Point Foundation has provided my family and I with the resources to help Veterans detail specific goals designed custom by the individual Veteran. Team mentors and team leaders help to then tailor these plans, in order to make them achievable within reach, yet still pushing the Veteran sometimes out of his/her comfort zone. This method allows us as Veterans to understand where we currently see ourselves, make a decision and for a short period of time give feed back to our peer mentors for an outside opinion so that we can see if we are hitting the mark. Truly you would have to be apart of this program to understand why it sets itself apart from other programs. I am not sure of how many lives the VPF has touched. What I can tell you is that it has been a true blessing for me and my family.”

Brad (Greenville, SC) Vantage Point is a grounding force that promotes resiliency. Participants are encouraged to use the program as a safe harbor for post-traumatic growth. Vantage Point being the perfect place for veterans to take a knee, and reassess their worth and value to society in the shelter of the brothers that are sitting around the table and hitting the surf with them.

Carlos (Charleston, SC) Knowing from the start that Mark, Kim, Dan, and others dedicated to create the Vantage Point Foundation (VPF) program made me feel comfortable knowing that active-duty or veterans transitioning would have assistance in becoming “civilians”. Previous campaigns, to include the Global War on Terror left members of the military and veterans yearning for a smooth transition into civilian life. Unfortunately many programs in the past were not able to fill in the most quintessential portion of any person departing from the military, transitioning. I have faced the reality and struggles of transitioning out of the U.S. Marines and later deployments providing security for the U.S. State Department. I worked with the founders of VPF prior to its creation. I meet Mark, Kim, and Dan a few months after my arrival to Charleston, SC while Mark was working with the Marines, and Kim as the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, Combat Casualty Nurse, and knew I could trust them. Upon hearing the creation of the Vantage Point Foundation (VPF), I knew, Veterans to include myself had a fighting chance in seeking the best route for becoming an even better version of myself. The only regret I have is that I should have done this sooner. I didn’t know programs such as (VPF) existed and wished I had utilized this sooner. To be completely honest, it was a struggle sitting in during the VPF Leadership Course, as I knew it would bring up past memories I had to face, and eventually and come to terms with. The mentors, attendees, and staff I met during the program taught me how to deal with specific issues I wouldn’t have learned to tackle alone. I took their advice and entered the program since some of us chewed the same dirt overseas, and I am glad I did. I would recommend any veteran working to move forward sign up for the VPF program.

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